La Montagnola – Agriturismo in Sabina

We are in Sabina, a wonderful land linked to an ancient past. The events of this area are intertwined with those of the Romans, so much so that History tells of the famous Rape of the Sabines.

The history of La Montagnola is intertwined, instead, with that of one of the noble families of Sabina: the Camuccini, barons of the area, who had made this estate one of their hunting reserves. The area they owned has been divided and partly sold, another part is still owned by the family. One of the residences that belonged to the prestigious family – Palazzo Camuccini – is in Cantalupo in Sabina, not far from us.

When we bought the estate there was so much forest and many brambles that covered almost entirely the stone ruin that today is a farmhouse. Those ruins come from ancient times, they were stable and bed for the sharecroppers of the noble family.

We wanted to give them new life: respecting the origins with stone and highlighting them with iron and glass. The result is a structure integrated into the territory, cared for in some respects and left natural for others.

The garden around, the outdoor pool with the waterfall on the rocks are a small tribute to the Garden of Nymph, one of the most beautiful in the world, declared a Natural Monument by the Lazio Region in 2000, and here we find from aromatic herbs to cistus and a varied amount of rose bushes. .

In front of the farmhouse, a well-kept lawn of almost two hectares, where you can admire the winter sunset and relax on the deckchairs in summer, at dusk.

This is where we built our synergistic vegetable garden, inspired by the ancestral figure of the golden spiral, a symbol of nature and life. In this area, and at the entrance to the surrounding forest, there are also hidden corners, where you can take refuge to read meditate or simply tune into nature.

Moving a few hundred meters, however, the wild nature dominates: forest of holm oaks, oaks, strawberry trees and mastic. In the 23 hectares we own and invite you to explore, we have marked routes.

You can reach and visit the ancient Roman cistern of Campaone, a suggestive place in the middle of a natural truffle house. Along the gorges of the Hague river, on the other hand, you reach the castle of Rocchettine, built in the thirteenth century AD and mysteriously abandoned. Following a third path you go up to the highest point of Montagnola, the hill that hosts us. Here at 40 meters above sea level, the highest point of the Municipality of Torri in Sabina, there is a panoramic view of lower Sabina, all its villages and the Soratte and Cosce Mountains all around. In this area there are also the remains of a lookout place used by the ancient Romans!

Rocchette offers the opportunity to swim at the stream, but there are numerous activities to do, from trekking to horseback riding to climbing in the nearby cliffs of Roccantica, Configni, Monte San Giovanni and Monte Soratte.

Nearby, easily accessible by car, await you the many small villages of which Sabina is scattered and for which it is known and appreciated. Among these also the village of Casperia, the orange flag of Italian tourism, which is only 15 minutes from La Montagnola.

The SS 313 is gladly traveled by motorcyclists who can reach Umbria through a green and pleasant region.