A fireplace in winter, some fresh air from the countryside in summer, good music playing from the record player, dishes prepared with the truffles we have just dug, and our synergistic garden products. This is all that you are going to find at La Montagnola. Are you ready for a real truffle experience?

The agitourism La Montagnola was born in October 2020 with the idea to offer the main product of our daily work, the truffles.


We work with nine different types of wild truffles, collected over four seasons in central Italy, thanks to the English cocker spaniels that we breed and train ourselves. The truffle is the protagonist in our kitchen, from appetizers to desserts and we always like to experiment new recipes to enhance its heady aroma and taste.

The range of products that come from our work has expanded in a short time, and we now only use the Sabina extra virgin olive oil that we produce from the olive groves that surround our property. We offer seasonal vegetables from our synergistic garden a stone’s throw from our kitchen. We believe in the short supply chain and we use only km. 0 fresh products.  For this reason, the suppliers of the products that we do not produce or grow ourselves are local farmers of the Sabina area.


We can only host about fifteen guests in the indoor area and around thirty outdoor: “few but good”, so that we can dedicate all our energy to our guests, in order to have them live a unique experience which needs the right guidance. 

La Montagnola wants to offer you a real  truffle experience!

We like to think that choosing La Montagnola means getting to learn about the history of the truffle that you find on your plate, in order to live a  360-degree experience. We offer the possibility to come truffle hunting with us. All within walking distance of the agritourism, in the woods surrounding us, accompanied by the dogs of our breeding, the real protagonists of the truffle hunting. 

We would like you to feel at ease at La Montagnola, as if you were in your own living room. The iron and glass fireplace will keep you warm in winter, and the record player will play anything you will feel like listening. 


Our menus change according to the season, because of the different products that our synergistic garden can offer and the type of truffle that we find. 

Come visit us from the beginning of October to the end of December if you want to try our white truffle, the most precious fruit of the bush, worthy of the noblest Italian cuisines. If you are curious about the fine black truffle, you should choose the period from mid- November to mid-March.

Summer is the season of the summer truffle, known under the name of scorzone, that you can try from mid- May to the end of August. 

Our dishes are simple and prepared aiming at enhancing the taste of truffles in the best possible way. It is always important to understand the stage of ripeness of a truffle before serving it at the table: not all truffles are the same and this is the reason why we dedicate time to the selection and cleaning of the truffles before putting them on the table every day.

From the menu at La Montagnola: 

  • Egg with truffle
  • Stracciatella cheese with truffle
  • Homemade ricotta, honey and truffle
  • Local walnuts, lard with honey and brumale truffle
  • Homemade potato gnocchetti with white truffle
  • Homemade fettuccine with porcini mushroom and truffle
  • Homemade potato gnocchi with zucchini flower and scorzone truffle
  • Ice cream and truffle (bufalo milk and scorzone or egg cream with white truffle)


We also offer vegan and vegetarian options, such as : 

  • Jack potato from our garden, smoked cheese and black scozone truffle
  • Bruschetta with truffle and many other ingredients
  • Pumpkin and truffle
  • Bruschetta with homemade marmalade and truffle

We kindly ask to inform us about intolerances, allergies or specific needs at the time of booking. 

We will try to meet your needs, according to the seasonal products available.

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